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Q.   How do I get a site listed in Escape to Puerto Rico?

A.   Follow the link "Suggest a Site". Then submit the URL, a brief description and contact information.

Q.   How do I let Escape to Puerto Rico know that my site has moved or that my link has changed?

A.   If your web site address (URL) has moved or changed, Follow the link "modify" from the "Suggest a Site" page, then submit your new site information. Remember that every link is verified before submission, please be patient while we process your updates.

Q.   How long does it take to have my site listed in Explore Puerto Rico Directory?

A.   It often takes a few weeks to process your site submission. We receive a number of requests, so if your site is not added within three to four weeks, most likely it did not meet our guidelines.

Q. What criteria do Escape to Puerto Rico editors use for selecting/listing sites?

A.   We are looking for:

  • Sites that the content is somehow related or relevant to Puerto Rico.
  • Sites with original content.
  • Sites containing sufficient pages and recognizable content.
We never include:
  • Sites with pornographic or adult content and/or advertising.
  • Sites with gratuitous or graphic violence or that promote/disseminate illegal activities.

Q.   How frequently Escape to Puerto Rico is updated?

A.   Escape to Puerto Rico updates most sections on a daily basis. The Coqui Quiz and Discover sections which includes: Follow your Senses, Spot of the month and People's Choice are updated on a monthly basis.

Q.   What is your privacy policy?

A.   Escape to Puerto Rico takes your privacy seriously. Please consult our Privacy Policy Statement to learn more about our privacy policy.

Q.   Can I link to Escape to Puerto Rico?

A.   Yes! Escape to Puerto Rico was designed to help people find information about Puerto Rico. We encourage you to enhance your own travelogues, Net guides, corporate information, annual reports, travel brochures, etc. by linking into our site.

Q.   Can Escape to Puerto Rico send me information/brochures on "X" place or person?

A.   We are sorry, but Escape to Puerto Rico is an Internet oriented service only. Escape to Puerto Rico does not send out information regarding the location of specific destinations or people.

I could not find a site address or e-mail address for "X" place or "Y" person on Escape to Puerto Rico. Why?

A.  Escape to Puerto Rico listing are based existing sites references; therefore, you will only find information about existing sites and/or e-mail addresses. In addition, some listings such as: Find a Business and Find a Person are self registering listings, which means that you will only find businesses and/or people who have registered in such listings. Feel free to send our URL to businesses and people who have not submitted their information to us.

Q.   Can I send information to post on Escape to Puerto Rico such as articles, brochures and press releases?

A.   Yes, Escape to Puerto Rico received articles, brochures and press releases to be published on this site. Please contact us for more details.

Q.   Which browser should I use to view Escape to Puerto Rico site?

A.   We recommend that you use the newest version of browsers to enhance your experience at our site. At a minimum your browser must support tables.