Juan Bobo

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  • The Adventures of Juan Bobo - Welcome to "The Adventures of Juan Bobo". This site is dedicated to that picturesque characterof Puerto Rican folklore named Juan Bobo.
  • The Clock Adventure - One day, the teacher sent Juan Bobo to look for a clock for the school. The father of a rich son had offered to donate it.
  • The Greedy Flies - The ladies of the barrio (neighborhood) would tell Juan Bobo's mother that she was at fault for him being the way he was, because she had never left him to grow on his own.
  • How To Sell a Turkey - Juan Bobo's mother needed money and decided to sell the turkey that she had grown.
  • Juan Bobo Takes Care Of His House - One day, Juan Bobo's baby brother became sick.
  • Los Lios de Juan Bobo - Pues, señor, había un muchacho llamado Juan Bobo, único hijo de su padre y madre...
  • The Pot Adventure - The parents of Juan Bobo were finally over the fact that their son of two months was dead.
  • Who is Juan Bobo? - Juan Bobo is an original character created by Puerto Rican Folklore.